Shroud gives brutally honest response to Twitch viewer demanding he stream WoW

Shroud refuses to stream wowTwitch/shroud

Twitch star Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek did not hold back when a viewer demanded the legendary streamer broadcast his World of Warcraft raid to the world.

Shroud’s relationship with WoW isn’t exactly a secret at this point, despite the fact the former CS:GO pro is more well-known for his FPS ability.

The mega star’s love of WoW Classic even made him spend $13,000 on a private jet so he wouldn’t miss his raid. Plus, back in 2019, he was perfectly fine with losing viewers and money by streaming the game.

So, what changed?

During a September 17 broadcast when he was watching Valorant Masters Berlin, Grzesiek said he had a WoW raid happening later that day and that he wouldn’t be streaming in, prompting some anger from fans.

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“What the f**k? Stream WoW, please!” a viewer begged.

“WoW doesn’t deserve my stream,” he replied without missing a beat before taking a long pause. “I’ll continue to play WoW, but it does not deserve my stream. That’s it, it’s that simple.”

His decision comes amid lots of controversy regarding how the game is handled, with new patches getting criticized. Even the devs decisions to desexualize paintings of women have been mocked by members of the community, such as Asmongold.

However, that doesn’t mean that shroud doesn’t want to stream MMOs.

The gamer noted that he still plans on playing rival MMO New World when it releases, a title that he praised as being a “unique” experience that is “designed for people who don’t like MMOs.”

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Hopefully, WoW can return to form eventually and the Polish Canadian will finally stream the Blizzard title again, but until that happens, don’t expect to catch shroud partaking in raids anytime soon.