Asmongold explains why WoW coming to console would “100% make the game better”


Twitch star Asmongold responded to a rumor that World of Warcraft is coming to PlayStation and Xbox consoles and claimed it would be great for the MMO which has had a steady decline in players over the years.

World of Warcraft coming to consoles is a rumor as old as time in the gaming world. However tantalizing the idea has been for the years and years it has circulated, that’s all is been is a rumor as developer Blizzard Entertainment has never revealed any solid concrete plans to bring the MMORPG game to console devices.

However, with a new data mine revealing that devs could bring controller support to the game for the first time, players believe it’s all but inevitable that WoW will end up on consoles sooner rather than later. OTK streamer Asmongold explained why that would be a great thing for the game.

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Asmongold says WoW on console could save the game long-term

The 31-year-old streamer was live on October 13 when he explained why World of Warcraft ported to consoles would be game-changing.

“I would absolutely say adding WoW to console would be good for the game. It would 100% make the game better.”

He continued, “If they (Blizzard) were able to add WoW to console I think it would give Microsoft a bigger incentive to continue building WoW and making it better.”

Asmon pointed to other games which have found massive success on console, like Final Fantasy XIV, wondering why WoW couldn’t follow in its footsteps.

He also said that it’s likely that if Blizzard does add official controller support to WoW soon, it could be for accessibility reasons.

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The Texas native added that mythic dungeons and raiding in WoW would still give PC players an advantage because of the accuracy unrivaled by mouse and keyboard.

Overall, if WoW can to consoles, the move would introduce the game to millions of new players, and Asmongold believes that’s vital to keeping the game alive.