WoW Dragonflight data mine reveals official controller support

Lawrence Scotti
dragonflight controllers

WoW Dragonflight could be getting controller support according to information leaked by data miners.

WoW Dragonflight is World of Warcraft’s upcoming expansion, bringing players to the Dragon Isles for the very first time.

Along with a new zone, race, and class, there may be more on the way that hasn’t been formally announced yet.

One data miner has uncovered that controller support could officially be coming to the popular MMORPG for the first time ever.

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WoW’s Dragonflight expansion arrives in late 2022.

WoW Dragonflight might get official controller support

Icy Veins moderator Stan data mined newly discovered assets that sure make it seem like Dragonflight will have controller support for Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch Pro controllers.

In the blog post, the mod said, “We’ve data mined some new assets tied to Controller Bindings in this week’s Dragonflight Beta build that indicate official controller support may be coming soon.”

The assets uncovered are all the buttons on each of the console’s controllers in the files of the expansion. World of Warcraft has never had official controller support, and the only way to make a control work is through the use of third-party add-ons.

If this data mine is indeed real, then Dragonflight will be the first expansion in the game’s nearly 20-year history that will officially support controllers as a formal way of playing WoW.

With Dragonflight still not having an official release date, it could be some time before we find out if this leak is real or not.

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