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Asmongold hits back at Dr Disrespect after he roasted WoW Classic

Published: 29/Aug/2019 8:45 Updated: 6/May/2020 11:01

by Joe O'Brien


Popular World of Warcraft streamer Asmongold has fired back after Dr Disrespect took shots at WoW Classic.

Since its launch on August 26, WoW Classic has been an enormous hit, not only seeing huge numbers of players but also dominating the Twitch charts. On the first day, over a million viewers tuned in to watch the game, of which Asmongold’s stream accounted for nearly 300,000.

It’s not just World of Warcraft streamers who have been dedicating their time to WoW Classic, however, with other popular figures on Twitch also jumping in – most notably shroud, who has moved away from his typical range of FPS titles in favor of a near non-stop WoW Classic grind.

It seems Dr Disrespect won’t be one of the thousands jumping into WoW Classic, however, after he made his disinterest in the game clear during a recent stream.

“I’m not here to hit little cute purple dragons with little fireballs for a certain amount of XP because I’m trying to level my guy up so he can unlock a dinosaur egg, and inside that dinosaur egg it’s like a tarantula that morphs into a winged cadet that flies through the clouds, through dark valleys where volcanoes are splurring”

GFUELDon’t expect Dr Disrespect to be streaming WoW Classic any time soon.

Asmongold watched the clip while streaming on his own channel, and his initial response was simply disbelief that Dr Disrepect’s own description of the game wasn’t something he was interested in.

“And you don’t wanna do that?” he repeated between moments of stunned silence. After Dr Disrespect made a comment about people “living back in 2001”, however, Asmongold decided to hit back at The Doc’s own choice of game, PUBG.

“Hey listen, maybe we can look back at 2001, just like PUBG’s hit rate servers. ‘Oh wow, I got shot through a wall again, just like 2001.’ I had better latency in CS 1.6. God I wish it was 2001 in PUBG, there’d be higher god damn standards.”

WoW Classic has certainly done wonders for Asmongold’s channel so far, not only hitting an enormous peak on the first day but remaining as the top Classic streamer whenever he’s been online, while the category has stayed at the forefront of Twitch.

Whether the interest in WoW Classic can be consistent over the long term, however, or is simply a nostalgia-fuelled flash in the pan, remains to be seen.

World of Warcraft

How to get the Dreamsong Heart in WoW Shadowlands

Published: 1/Dec/2020 16:43

by Lauren Bergin


The new expansion World of Warcraft, Shadowlands, has brought with it a whole host of new treasures and items for WoW players to find. One of these is the Dreamsong Warglave found in the Dreamsong Heart, and here’s how to get it. 

World of Warcraft has always been renowned for having pretty cool items. Shadowlands has extended the game’s already impressive item collection, adding enchanted chests all throughout Ardenwald as well as introducing new, highly sought after items to the game.

One of these is the Dreamsong Heart, an item chest that holds the Dreamsong Warglave, has become one of Ardenwald’s most valuable loot containers. The Warglave is a Level 155 item, and offer everything from increased stamina to versatility.

It’s a tough one to get your hands on though, but here’s an easy guide on how to get to the Dreamsong Heart.

Blizzard Entertainment
The Dreamsong Heart is found in the heart of Ardenweald.

How to get to the Dreamsong Heart

As you might expect, the item is located in Dreamsong Fenn. Here you’ll find the huge magical tree which you will have to scale in order to reach your prize.

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Here’s how you do just that:

  • Head to Dreamsong, specifically the Starlit Overlook area.
  • At the foot of the tree, look for the ‘bounding shroom’ just underneath a large branch.
  • Interact with the mushroom and it will propel you upwards to the top of the tree.
  • Land on the tree and follow the thin branch along (don’t fall!) to claim the Dreamsong Warglave.
Blizzard Entertainment
To get to the Heart you have to pass this balance test!

So go ahead and give it a try! Not only do you get a super rare item, you get the chance to climb that huge tree that’s been looming over you all game. Even if the item isn’t necessarily worth it, the unique view certainly is.