xQc reveals Valorant’s biggest “upside” compared to Overwatch

Twitch: xQcOw / Riot Games / Blizzard Entertainment

During his April 3 broadcast, Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel responded to a viewer being negative about Valorant’s graphics. The Overwatch pro explained why Riot Games’ FPS visual style has some important advantages.

After months of anticipation, Valorant made its public debut on April 3 as streamers on Twitch were given access to experience the Riot Games title in front of their viewers.

While reacting to other personalities playing the FPS, xQc responded to a donation that was critical of the game’s graphic style. The Canadian explained to his chat why it actually benefits players.

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The streamer was in the middle of reacting to Valorant gameplay footage, when a donation came in that was negative towards the game’s graphics. The Canadian responded, arguing that it’s a positive thing.

“Okay listen, even if you were to say the art is bad and I could agree with it, people with trash PCs can load it. Which means more players. Which means more talent that can come into the game,” he said.

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The Overwatch pro continued, stating that the art style meant better technical performance. “It means less lag. Less things to complain about when you die to some stupid f**ing visual s**t. It just means there is less downsides that are related to performance!”

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xQc then pointed out to his chat that the visuals of the characters’ abilities didn’t lag the game. “I mean chat, say what you want, have you seen a single frame lag when any abilities pop out?” he asked.

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The streamer proceeded to cite moves from heroes in the game to demonstrate his point.”When the walls come out from Viper or Omen or Sage, there’s never lag because of visual cluttering. There just isn’t. There is no lag. That’s the big upside dude.”

He then compared it to Overwatch’s elaborate visuals. “I love Overwatch, but when there is a f**ing Zen ult, Symmetra ult, I’m getting FPS lag. And people in stream can’t even see what the f**k is going on!”

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Riot Game has touted Valorant as being designed from the ground up around competitive integrity, focusing heavily on stamping down on cheating and lag. So perhaps xQc has a point about the game’s visual advantages.

The former Overwatch pro continues to crush it on Twitch, amassing over 2.4 million followers to his channel. Viewers have been drawn to the personality’s rants and passionate takes on things – and this is the perfect example of that.

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