Valorant’s first butterfly knife arrives with Recon skin bundle

valorant butterfly knifeRiot Games / Valorant Curios

Since the release of Valorant, fans have been begging Riot for a butterfly knife, and we’ve finally got one arriving with the new Recon collection in patch 3.04.

Valorant’s skin collection grows every patch, but fans have begged Riot for the release of a butterfly knife similar to what we see in its rival game, CS:GO.

While Riot is usually fast to respond to the community and what they want to see in-game, it took them a while to assure players that a butterfly knife was coming.

In June, over one year after the game was released, Valorant devs revealed the long-awaited knife is on its way, and alas, it’s finally arrived, with the Recon skin line.

Valorant recon collectionRiot Games
The Recon Collection comes with ‘attachments’ for weapons, but they’re purely cosmetic.

Arriving with patch 3.04, part of the Recon collection, the butterfly knife is the first of its kind to release in Valorant, and fans aren’t disappointed at all.

What mainly captures the heart of fans is the three different animations that come with the butterfly knife, which brings nostalgia for many long-time FPS players, as it reminds them of Counter-Stike’s similar animation.

The knife costs 3,550 VP and has three different variants, consisting of red, blue, and green camouflage that you can purchase. To unlock the knife’s animation, you must spend 10 Radianite Points to upgrade to Level 2.

Apart from being the first butterfly knife, the Recon collection is also unique in its own way with added weapon attachments when you level the weapon up, but they don’t affect the gameplay in any way, staying true to Valorant’s competitive integrity.

Adding the weapon attachments was Riot’s attempt to go for a grounded military weapon look, with Recon’s intent “to capture that fantasy of being in a more traditional modern shooter,” said Sean Marino, Art Lead for Valorant.

The full recon collection includes a Spectre, Phantom, Guardian, Ghost, and of course the knife, which will set you back a total of 7,100VP.