Valorant streamer blatantly cheats live on TikTok and he’s still “garbage”

valorant tiktoker using wall hacksRiot Games

A Valorant TikToker streaming with wall hacks on is being mocked after he still managed to miss shots and botch his ultimate.

Streamers getting caught using cheats seems to be a regular occurrence in this day and age, but some are so brazen they’ll blatantly use them and expose themselves without a care in the world.

We’ve seen numerous streamers over the years open up their cheats during a live broadcast, especially in the Warzone community. Now, it’s Valorant’s turn to get in on the action.

Footage from a TikTok live began spreading on Reddit showcasing a player with wall hacks enabled and while he did manage to secure from frags, even with cheats, their gameplay is getting roasted.

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Valorant Killjoy reloading spectreRiot Games
Valorant players mocked the cheater for sucking even with wall hacks.

Valorant streamer roasted for sucking even with cheats

In the footage uploaded, the TikToker is using the agent Brimstone and despite knowing where all his foes are located, completely whiffs his ultimate.

After getting a kill shortly thereafter, the cheater reloaded out in the open, completely exposed, and was swiftly eliminated.

Comments flooded in during the live broadcast with users wondering how he could be “this bad” with cheats while others pondered why he hadn’t been banned yet.

A similar sentiment was shared on Reddit with players calling the hacker “garbage.”

“Can see enemies through the wall, still sh*t, and can’t land the ultimate,” one laughed.

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“Hey, this one is alright. He actually needs it for it to be a normal experience for him,” another joked.

So far, the hacker’s TikTok account remains intact despite his bio stating he’s selling cheats on Instagram. It’s also not yet clear if Riot had banned his Valorant account just yet.