Facebook Gaming slammed for giving blatant Warzone hacker a streaming partnership

Julian Young
Facebook Gaming Warzone Hacker Partnership Backlash FinalActivision / Facebook

Warzone’s ongoing battle against hackers was once again thrust into the spotlight as the community blasted Facebook Gaming for partnering a creator who brazenly streamed himself cheating in the battle royale.

Although Activision and Raven Software have done much to combat the cheating issues plaguing Warzone, going so far as to ban tens of thousands of accounts for using hacks, it remains a constant struggle to remove these individuals from the free-to-play title.

Warzone’s cheating issues were highlighted yet again after Facebook Gaming was slammed by players and content creators for allowing a known cheater to not only broadcast his hacks to viewers, but obtain a partnership with the streaming platform in the process.

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The situation first gained attention on May 1 after fellow Facebook Gaming partner ‘BeanBolt’ shared that the creator in question, known as ‘Hacks gaming 2’, had been granted partnership by the platform.

Partnership with Facebook Gaming is typically the highest level of engagement a creator can obtain, and other Facebook streamers were quick to criticize the platform for allowing this individual to become a partner while cheating on-stream.

Another Facebook streamer, Jeff Leach, responded to BeanBolt’s tweet and called out the platform directly. “Why is a hacking, toxic, stream sniper getting partnered?” he asked, and went on to slam the streaming service, calling the events “an insult to the platform and every streamer grinding for partnership.”

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Many other creators voiced their own concerns in the replies to Leach’s tweet. “This hacker has gotten partnered and [reached] 9k [followers]” once user lamented. “So much for honest work and drive. Hopefully [Facebook] makes some necessary changes.”

Despite the initial misstep, Facebook was quick to take action after becoming aware of the situation. Several hours later, another user confirmed that the hacker’s partnership had been removed but they were still able to monetize their content, which led to additional backlash against the platform.

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Hacker’s account gone from Facebook

At the time of writing, the account in question is no longer active on Facebook Gaming, and the hacker may have been banned in addition to losing their partnership agreement — a welcome turn of events for those concerned about the platform’s handling of the situation.

This is not the first time Facebook has come under fire for allowing cheaters to broadcast content on their platform. Popular Warzone streamer Vikram ‘Vikkstar’ Singh Barn quit the battle royale after discovering another Facebook streamer broadcasting hacks to their audience.

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While Raven continues to ban accounts for the use of unauthorized programs and Facebook has taken action to remove the hacker’s content from their site, the situation is a reminder of just how popular these illegal programs are and how difficult it can be to combat them effectively.

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