Warzone players furious as streamer cheats for a month without ban

Jaret Kappelman
Activision / Pexels

Warzone hackers have been on the loose for quite some time and players are infuriated with the devs as a streamer has been live with cheats and still isn’t banned. 

In the battle royale, Warzone, hackers have had their way running matches for millions of players every day. However, with the Warzone Pacific update, the community finally got the RICOCHET anti-cheat that is trying to suppress these rodents.

Despite this software, hackers are still running around Warzone and players are even more mindblown as a cheating streamer has been live for over a month without a ban.

call of duty warzone pacific caldera
Warzone players are mindblown as a cheater is getting away with hacks live on stream.

Warzone streamer still isn’t banned after using cheats

Facebook and Warzone have a strict policy against cheaters and have been very vocal in making sure that people using their services will play fair.

However, a Reddit post by ‘kurt7022’ highlighted a Facebook streamer that has been live on the platform for about a month and still hasn’t had their Warzone account banned.


Redditors are worried that the kernel-level drivers could be failing as someone they know has blatant hacks, is getting away with it.

The streamer, ‘Nitrothecheat’ had their first broadcast on December 7, right before Caldera came out.

Since then, the streamer has been live over 10 times on the platform and even admits to cheating as well as showing it on their broadcast.

Warzone hacks no ban
This screenshot was taken from the hacker’s stream where they show their cheats off.

As seen in the screenshot above, Nitro isn’t even trying to hide the fact that he is hacking in Warzone. One Redditor slammed the new anti-cheat and the dev team. “Activision clearly can’t even get their game to work properly.”

At the time of writing this, the hacker still has not been banned on Warzone or Facebook but players are hopeful that in due time they will receive their punishment.