Valorant pros respond after seeing themselves in ‘Fire Again’ music video

Declan Mclaughlin
Paper Rex players at Valorant Champions with Benkai who was in the Fire Again video

The ‘Fire Again’ music video made for the Valorant Champions 2022 tournament featured over 40 different professional players, and many have said they felt honored to see themselves.

Riot Games released ‘Fire Again’ on August 22 as an anthem for the 2022 edition of Valorant Champions. Like many previous music videos Riot has released in conjunction with international events for their other esport, League of Legends, it featured multiple current pro players.

While some of the players included were teased beforehand, many learned they were in the video via social media or finding themselves by looking at the animations frame by frame.

“Someone gave me a screenshot of my face doing like running, I thought it was not me,” Paper Rex’s Jason ‘f0rsakeN’ Susanto said in an interview with Dexerto. “I wasn’t sure that it was me, but I knew that it was me because a lot of people like mentioned me.”

f0rsaken went on to say that he felt proud of himself for making the video as before he did not think he was in it at all.

Others, like DRX’s Kim ‘stax’ Gu-taek, knew that they were in the video but thought he would have a minor role.

“I thought maybe you know I might be in a couple of clips, but I saw it and realized that I appear a lot more than I expected to so I’m pretty glad and happy about that,” stax said in a pre-event press conference for Champions.

‘Where is ANGE1?’ in ‘Fire Again’

Team Liquid Adil ‘ScreaM’ Benrlitom said that he would not say no to being in any Riot music videos in the future after seeing himself in the same section as f0rsaken.

“Riot is doing a great job you know, I’m very grateful to be here and I mean, if I can be featured in some videos I’m not gonna say no,” ScreaM said in a pre-event press conference. “It’s a pleasure.”

ANGE1 competes on the Valorant Masters stage
ANGE1 does not appear in the ‘Fire Again’ video, but his teammate does.

Kyrylo ‘ANGE1’ Karasov from FunPlus Phoenix was also in the press conference and chimed in with his own thoughts on the ‘Fire Again’ video.

“Where is ANGE1? Where is ANGE1 in the video?” He asked ScreaM jokingly.

ScreaM then asked if ANGE1 had watched the entire music video because he had to look at it closely to find himself. ANGE1 then admitted that he has not seen it all the way through.

“You will get in the next one I’m sure,” ScreaM said.