Valorant fans lash out at Riot’s “pure incompetence” over lack of VCT matches

Declan Mclaughlin
VCT fans at a VCT Americas match.

Valorant fans lashed out at Riot Games on social media over the 2024 esports season and each team’s lack of VCT regular split matches.

The VCT circuit has only seen a slight overhaul from the 2023 season to the 2024 season. Riot Games created the kickoff tournament for each region, including the new VCT China, and changed the number of teams in qualifying events for the first Masters event.

Overall, however, even with the introduction of an entirely new VCT Split, with one qualifying teams to Masters Shanghai and the other to Valorant Champions 2024, the amount of stage matches for VCT teams remains the same.

Riot Games Global Head Valorant Esports Leo Faria told the public on social media that each Split will feature a split round-robin with teams being seeded into even groups. Fans have since lashed out at the Valorant developer for not adding in more matches for teams.

Valorant fans want more VCT matches

Faria reiterated Riot’s message about the 2024 season – the circuit will change significantly in terms of matches and calendar in 2025.

“Ultimately, fans want to see the best teams play more, and those teams make it to global events. Add Challengers and Game Changers, there’s a lot of VAL to watch,” he said.

So far, fans haven’t been receptive to the news. The exchange had multiple negative replies on X/Twitter, and those on Reddit were also displeased.

“Pure incompetence from day one of franchising, this sh** is becoming ridiculous,” one Reddit user said.

Another pointed out how the statement seems to miss that they didn’t necessarily want to see the best Valorant or watch Tier 2 and Game Changers, but his favorite team, play.

“Whoever is making decisions seems to miss the point of franchising entirely then. ‘There’s a lot of Valorant to watch.’ But not necessarily for MY team,” wrote another Redditor.

The VCT season starts in late February as all four leagues kick off the year with a shot at making Masters Madrid.