Valorant pro sScary pulls off “clutch of the year” to qualify for VCT Pacific

Carver Fisher
sscary valorant clutch vct pacific

sScary was arguably the most hyped player going into Valorant Ascension APAC, and he lived up to that hype. He managed a 1v4 clutch to win their first match, creating momentum that Bleed esports used to 3-0 the Grand Final series.

The road to franchising has been a long one for Nutchaphon ‘sScary’ Matarat. He made it to both VCT Masters Reykjavík and Valorant Champions in 2021 before losing in quarterfinals, followed by getting knocked out in the very first stage of VCT Masters 2022 Copenhagen.

From there, sScary didn’t manage to get picked up by any of the organizations that entered the APAC franchise league and was left to find his own way in.

Since then, sScary has joined Bleed esports and become one of the most feared players in Valorant Challengers. And now, thanks to what some players are calling the “clutch of the year”, he’ll be showing off his skills in the VCT Pacific League.

sScary manages 1v4 Valorant clutch in Grand Finals match

Managing a clutch in your run-of-the-mill Valorant match is difficult enough as it is. Being left alone in a 1v3, 1v4, or even 1v5 situation stacks the odds against you in a way that’s almost impossible to overcome.

The odds of clutching out a round are low, and putting yourself into a situation where two or more enemies have a line of sight on you at a time is a death sentence. Finding a way to take several consecutive 1v1s is hard enough as it is, but doing it in a pro match against a coordinated team is a whole different ordeal.

However, Valorant pro sScary managed to do just that.

By taking down two and rushing to grab the spike, he was able to teleport and plant the spike with less than half a second to spare. Where many players would have given up and saved their weapon or tried to find a kill or two before the round ends, sScary pulled out the win for his team.

From there, Bleed esports dominated the next two matches and used sScary’s momentum from this play to qualify into the franchise league with ease.

sScary even had a message to share in English for international audiences.

A mix of game knowledge and raw mechanical skill puts sScary head and shoulders above many other competitors in the region, and those following his rise are looking forward to seeing if he can make it to international competition again in 2024.