Valorant players want basic feature from CSGO to combat griefers

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Valorant fans have pleaded for the Riot devs to add a long-awaited CSGO feature that’ll allow players to combat trolls.

Valorant is a vastly different game from what it once was when it was released in 2020. While we’ve seen a ton of features arrive that have improved the popular first-person shooter, many players are still calling on the Riot devs for more.

The community certainly hasn’t been shy from demanding features to improve the game even further — such as a replay mode that was promised by the devs.

Now, once more players are pleading for Riot to add a basic feature taken from their competitor CSGO, and it’ll help combat trolls.

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Valorant players beg for devs for kick player feature

In a February 19 Reddit thread, Valorant fan ‘st_hanger’ put out a call for the devs to add a long-overdue system to kick players from lobbies. “We need a ‘kick the player’ system in valorant,” the player wrote.

They continued to detail their “absolutely horrifying” experience with a toxic teammate — noting that adding the feature would help stop players from sabotaging.

“Today I encountered a player who said he would throw the game if one of us didn’t dodge and he picks Phoenix to sabotage, interrupting defuse,” they said. “If we ever got to stick the defuse he would just molly and wall us. Absolutely horrifying experience. We need this system at least in ranked games so it won’t be abused.”

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One player in the thread noted how there’s already an option to report players for sabotage, although it needs improvements. “There is already a report option for sabotage, it just needs to actually be taken seriously like the cheating and toxicity report options,” they wrote. “As far as I know, the system doesn’t care about sabotage reports and will only take action automatically if a player kills several teammates with friendly fire, even if it’s accidental.”

Others also agreed that a system could be useful. However, they pointed out how the feature could do more harm than good. “This will 100% be abused and there are many downsides to it,” one user said.

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“This is a terrible idea and will lead to awful sh*t like kicking women for speaking,” another added.

It’s clear that the community believes there need more ways to combat griefers. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see whether or not Riot will take action.