Valorant devs finally confirm in-game replay system as Riot backtracks on recent Q&A

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Despite shutting down the idea of an in-game replay system, seemingly for good, in a recent developer Q&A, the Valorant team has now backtracked under pressure from the community and announced that such a system is finally in the works.

Ever since Valorant’s closed Beta over two years ago, players have been calling for one specific addition to Riot’s tactical FPS: An in-game replay system.

The ability to go back and learn from mistakes, analyze strategies, and rewatch the action from different POVs has been among the most highly requested features since the game launched and the community certainly hasn’t been quiet on it of late. After all, it’s something devs themselves wanted all the way back in 2020.

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So when a developer Q&A posted on May 19 announced once and for all that there “is no plan” for an in-game replay system, an immense wave of backlash quickly ensued.

A few days later and devs have since followed up to backtrack on this statement, now confirming the opposite, that an in-game replay system will indeed come to Valorant sooner or later.

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Beyond these round-by-round breakdowns, there’s currently no way to relive your last match and learn from mistakes.

“The shortest answer today is that there is no plan for a player-facing version of a replay system,” Valorant dev Steven Eldredge said during the May 19 Q&A. Last week, it boiled down to Riot’s priorities. 

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Rather than placing a replay system near the top of their list, devs would rather devote time to new features that “serve the most players and has the most long-term impact on game health.”

One week later and fellow Valorant dev Arnar Gylfason took to Twitter to address this statement following recent backlash. 

“We want in-game replays,” he clarified once again, years after the team expressed their desire for such a feature. “They will happen but are taking longer than we want. Can’t give you any more than that.”

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So while no concrete date was announced or even a rough roadmap set in stone, Valorant players can rest easy knowing a replay system is indeed in the works. 

With other additions like new maps, modes, Agents, and general balance tweaks all taking priority for the next few episodes, according to Gylfason, the replay system appears to be a good while off. Thus, fans shouldn’t hold their breath for a release this year.

But following the controversial blog post, this announcement should inspire confidence as in-game replays will indeed be a reality for Valorant one day down the line.

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