Valorant players setting mindblowing aces as they all want world record

Valorant Agents Killjoy and Raze standing together.Riot Games

Just competing to win ranked matches is not enough for some Valorant players, as they have now entered a competition for the fastest ace in the world.

Valorant, the tactical 5v5 shooter by Riot Games, is no stranger to the competitive spirit. Quite the contrary, the game was built around players’ need to compete with each other.

But it seems that they now started competitions outside of the competitive mode of Valorant, this time for the ultimate reward of bragging rights.

Multiple users have posted their entry into the “fastest ace in the world” competition on the Valorant’s Reddit over the past week. Some of the entries are truly one-in-a-million scenarios with great team setup, while others feature huge blunders made by the opposition.

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Valorant players are trying to find the fastest ace

A clip by user Dareemm seems to have started quite the discussion. It features a Phoenix player scoring an ace in roughly seven seconds thanks to his impressive setup.

But the ‘1.6 seconds’ in the title confused some users. “That is more than 1.6 seconds though… very fast ace but where’d you get 1.6?” asks one of them. Before the poster responds “Since the first kill and the last on killfeed.”

This then transformed into a discussion where Valorant players unearthed old clips in order to find the world record holder for the fastest ace in the world.

This impressive Raze and Breach combo got a lot of attention, as the duo aces the enemy team in what seems to be five seconds from the start of the round.

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But another, older, clip resurfaced, in which Raze bounces off her blast pack and aces the enemy team with her ult in three seconds.

Every single participant deserves recognition for their ingenuity and clever use of different setups and abilities. Even faster aces could be posted online before a winner of this “competition” is crowned.

We recommend our agent tier list for the current patch to anyone considering joining the competition, as their skills might prove useful in the trials.