Valorant Deadlock exploit makes Spike disappear & guarantees match MVP

Jeremy Gan
Deadlock Valorant

A Valorant exploit with Deadlock will guarantee you match MVP by letting you deal 900,000 damage while making the Spike disappear, as long as you have good timing. 

With her recent release, Valorant’s players are only now finding out all of Deadlock’s intricacies as the community gets more play time with the new agent. And with her incredibly unique kit, there are lots of weird interactions she can have with other characters’ mechanics. 

This was on full display as Valorant streamer AverageJonas showed off a bizarre bug that would allow you to deal 900,000 damage on an ulting Omen, guaranteeing you match MVP, and making the Spike disappear all in one fell swoop. 

During a regular Valorant stream, Jonas decided to play Deadlock when said bug happened.

As an Omen used his ult which allows him to teleport anywhere around the map, Jonas used his ult right at the same time, which caused the Omen to instantly die. 

This interaction is odd as for Deadlock’s ult to kill an enemy, either the trapped player will need to make their way through its entire nanowire path, or if the rest of their team dies, it automatically kills them. 

Crazily enough, when killing the Omen, Jonas dealt 900,150 damage to the Omen. And because of that insane damage number, it instantly inflated his Average Combat Score to an absurd number, enough to guarantee a match MVP.

Weirdly enough, the bug also caused the Spike to disappear as the Omen had the bomb and wanted to TP to a different site. Which resulted in the enemy team resorting to trying to kill all of Jonas’ team to win the round. 

As Jonas explained, “I Deadlock ulted an Omen that was ulting, he insta dies, Spike disappears, and it counts as 900k damage.”

Despite how insane of an exploit it is, it is quite hard to pull off. As it requires a tremendous amount of luck and timing to trap the Omen just as he ults. But if you’re able to pull it off consistently, you’d most likely have an easy time ranking up.