Hilarious Valorant bug lets Killjoy’s turret sprint around the map

Riot Games

A hilarious Valorant Killjoy turret bug on Lotus allows the turret to run around the map freely, technically making it lore accurate. 

Killjoy turret bugs have not had a fun history in Valorant’s past. In Champions 2022, a controversial turret bug caused a round to be replayed between XSET and Funplus Phoenix due to the turret shooting in the wrong direction, giving misinformation to an XSET player. 

Luckily, this bug is not as round breaking as what happened on Ascent that day, rather this bug on the new map Lotus allows the turret to sprint around the map. 

The bug, discovered by Reddit user AngeredLotus, shows that if you sandwich yourself between a turret and one of the rotating doors on the map as it rotates into you, it will allow you to glide the turret around the map by just pushing into it. 

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You can pretty much place it anywhere in the map for an extended period, just like AngeredLotus does in his clip showing the bug. But seemingly, at some point, it will stop moving. 

This also leaves the turret fully able to still shoot at enemies and alert the player to the presence of one. 

Many users highlighted that this bug is technically lore accurate. In the Duality cinematic released by Riot in 2021, the turret can be seen running around with Killjoy in the opening of the video. Which means, in the lore of the game, the turret can very much move. 

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Another user pointed out that if you crouch walk behind it, you can use it as a shield, plus it can watch your back. Others liken it to walking a dog

AngeredLotus has already reported the bug to Riot, and put it in the Valorant subreddit’s megathread of known bugs. So expect it to get fixed in the next bug patch. But as of writing this, the bug is still in the game and you can try it out.