Valorant leaks claim new Free-For-All mode is coming soon

Joe Craven

New Valorant leaks have claimed that a Free-For-All game mode will be dropping in Riot Games’ first-person shooter at some point in the near future. 

Valorant, Riot Games new FPS, only dropped back on June 2 but has already captivated players all over the world. Like Valve’s CS:GO, it is fairly limited in terms of game modes available to players.

In the current build of Valorant, there are two normal game modes – Bomb and the significantly faster Spike Rush. However, it looks like another game mode could be on its way soon, at least if recent leaks are anything to go by.

Valorant gameplay
Valorant’s game mode pool could be about to expand.

Significant and lengthy leaks were posted to Reddit on July 9, by u/Mang0eleaks. Among upcoming camouflages and new agent animations, a Free-For-All mode appears to have been found in data-mined files.

“It looks like Riot is laying the outline for a FFA mode!” the Redditor stated. “Based on these .umap files, it looks like Riot is testing FFA on Ascent first, and the map will be updated as well. These are .umap files, meaning that the FFA Ascent map and normal Ascent map will somehow be different.”

Alongside the FFA mode, it appears that Riot are going to be making adjustments to Valorant’s current map designs, starting with Ascent.

Ascent from Valorant
Ascent could be headed for a rework.

While the in-game files certainly suggest Ascent will be adjusted for the upcoming Free-For-All mode, there is no guarantee we will actually see FFA in Valorant. In the development process, things can change late on based on player feedback and bugs discovered in play testing.

However, assuming everything goes smoothly, we can expect to see Free-For-All in Valorant in the near future.

We actually featured a FFA mode on our list of features Valorant needs to add. Whether a Replay System and in-game tournaments are also on the way remains to be seen, but it certainly sounds like Riot are listening to the fanbase.