How to use the Frenzy: Valorant weapon guide

Valorant Frenzy Weapon guideRiot Games / Dexerto

The Frenzy is Valorant’s only fully-automatic pistol, and that alone makes it a very appetizing buy. The mini SMG will only set you back 450 Creds, and can rival even the beefiest of rifles. Here’s what you need to know about the pocket rocket.

On launch, no one bought the Frenzy. Then, all of a sudden, its power was unlocked. Within the space of a few weeks nearing the end of Episode 1, everyone was buying the Frenzy.

It’s easy to see why in retrospect. The fully-automatic pistol is a very economical buy. It’s like having a mini SMG in your back pocket for a super cheap price. It was atop the tier lists for patches, but the price nerf knocked it down a peg.

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That doesn’t mean the gun is terrible though. It still packs the same punch, just for 450 Creds. Here’s how you can get the most of it, and whether you should still buy it (spoilers: You should).

Frenzy weapon stats

The Frenzy boasts some pretty nice stats for just 450 Creds. Its fire rate of 10 rounds per second is the fastest of the pistols. It’s also fully-automatic, so you’re not limited by how fast you can click Mouse 1.

It’s a two-shot kill at best if you land a double dink, but you’re looking at around six rounds to take down an enemy at the body. That’s accounting for full armor though, and given its fast rate of fire, that can be surprising in close range.

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Valorant Frenzy weapon stats

Frenzy recoil pattern

The Frenzy’s recoil for the first four bullets is pretty elementary ⁠— it’s just straight down. However, after that it gets a bit wild. It flings up to the right before teetering back towards the middle by the end.

This shouldn’t really have an impact when the enemy is in your face, but if they’re a few meters away, you might want to fire in 3-4 round bursts for maximum accuracy. The automatic nature of the pistol already means it’s faster than clicking, so be sure to hit your shots too.

The tough decision on pistol rounds: Frenzy or Armor?

Before the nerf, it was a pretty simple decision on pistol rounds: Buy both Frenzy and armor. It was 800 Creds, and if you didn’t need utility, you got a powerful pistol and the health to use it well.

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Now the decision isn’t as easy. While the Frenzy is still a popular pistol round buy, you might get more value out of utility and armor.

Here’s an easy way to make your mind up: If you’re playing Jett, or a duelist who can frag up, it’s worth getting the Frenzy. If you’re a more-utility heavy Agent like Omen, maybe opt for armor over the Frenzy.

reyna valorant twitter trendRiot Games
Reyna can make the most out of the Frenzy on pistol rounds with a charge of Devour.

Treat the Frenzy as an SMG, not a pistol

The number one thing with the Frenzy is you have to treat it like an SMG and not a pistol. It’s like having a minigun in your back pocket ⁠— you can whip it out and devastate a team after you run out of bullets in your primary. That’s why players pick it up alongside Operators if they have the cash.

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However, that also means you can’t just throw bullets down range and hope for a few dinks. You have to use the Frenzy up close in bursts. Its ability to spray down targets quick is its biggest strength. In fact, it can rival rifles and full buys in short range.

Use this to your advantage, and you can use the Frenzy to turn the tides in your favor.

For only 450 Creds, the Frenzy sure packs a punch. Okay, it’s not as strong since the price increase, but that’s all Riot touched. It still sprays down targets like a madman, and is a very strong pickup for second round buys, any eco rounds, or if you just want to upgrade pistols.

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The Frenzy will still be floating around in the Valorant meta for quite some time, so it’s best to try and learn how to use it.