Valorant fans demand Riot copy classic CS:GO feature for AFK players

Shay Robson
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Valorant players want the devs at Riot Games to add a popular feature from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive that lets players take control of AFK teammates.

Since its launch in mid-2020, Valorant fans have requested for a ton of different features to be added to the popular first-person shooter. Among these suggested ideas include the likes of a highly-anticipated replay mode, alternating skins between sides, and more.

While the devs have announced they’re working on other prominent issues, it hasn’t stopped the Valorant community from suggesting more features to make the game even better.

Now, they’re requesting a feature from Valve’s CS:GO, that allows players to take control of teammates if they go AFK.

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A Valorant replay mode has been highly requested by players. But there’s still a while to go until it’s complete.

In a Reddit thread on May 28, Valorant fan ShisokuSeku suggested that players should be able to control other AFK teammates after death. “One of my favorite features from CS:GO were the bots. They legit made AFK’s feel so much less bad,” the player said.

“For those who don’t know, bots would stay in a position if you told them to, and once you died, you could take control of them,” they explained. “I kinda wish Valorant had this feature. CS:GO removed it because people would vote out teammates just to take control of bots.

“Since Valorant doesn’t have a voting system like this, I’d love to see a control AFK-players character type feature. You’d still be at a disadvantage since you need to move the bot from spawn, but it raises your chances of success tremendously.”

While many praised the idea, some pointed out the implications it could cause in the replies. “You really don’t want to incentivize people to abuse the DC/AFK system for their advantage. There are quite a few smurfs, and if you are on the 5v4 team, it would suck to know that even if you kill their best player,” one noted.

Others weren’t exactly on board with the idea, and much prefer the current system. “I think Valorant made this system really good. You get bonus credits, an ultimate orb, and armor during pistol rounds. That’s much better than a bot AFK in spawn like in CS:GO,” they said.

As previously mentioned, the devs have noted that they’re working on other features, so it’s likely we won’t see this suggestion added anytime soon. However, it’s still a nifty idea that could change the Valorant landscape for better or worse.

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