Riot respond to requests for map pick & bans in Valorant ranked

. 2 months ago
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Valorant’s ever-expanding map pool raised questions about whether or not we’ll see picks and bans implemented in Ranked play – especially because it is in the game’s competitive VCT circuit. Riot, however, have confirmed the feature won’t appear anytime soon.

As the mysterious world of Valorant continues to expand, player requests for a pick and ban system in Ranked play grow ever louder.

With the system being implemented in professional play throughout the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) circuit, it’s clear that it can be done, but Riot simply haven’t chosen to add it to the base game.

In their Ask Valorant blog from May 19, the devs have not only shut down any hopes that the feature will be implemented in Ranked, but explained why they don’t see the need for it outside of the high-level competitive sphere.

valorant fracture map
Riot Games
Maps like Fracture have left the community divided, spurring on requests for a pick & ban feature.

Riot shut down Valorant map pick & ban feature

Riot have confirmed that no map pick and ban system will be coming to the game’s basic ranked play, urging players to try and “play all maps” instead of simply dodging those they dislike.

“This is not something we’re currently planning for regular Competitive queue play, because at this time we really want to reinforce learning how to play all maps (instead of always avoiding specific ones),” writes Competitive Designer, Jon Walker.

“That being said, we do believe a map pick/ban system is worth exploring in an environment fit for complex team strategizing like our planned tournament mode. It’s still a work-in-progress, but we see its potential in a space where teams will have planned plays and Agent compositions for various map.”

Tropical map breeze
Riot Games
Breeze is the map that this writer loves to hate.

This upcoming “tournament mode” is most likely a spinoff of the current system Riot implements during VCT, but there’s no set release date as of yet.

While the news may come as a disappointment for avid ranked players, it looks like the devs are standing firm on this one. Looks like we’ll just have to grin and bear it when Breeze pops up – but at least the music is nice, right?

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