Valorant players want devs to copy popular CoD game mode with a twist

Shay Robson
an image of Sage and Skye carrying Imperium Vandals

Valorant players are suggesting for the Riot devs to copy a popular game mode from Call of Duty, but with a slight twist.

With a staggering 24 Agents in the game following the introduction of Clove in Episode 8 Act 2, Valorant players are looking for a new way to explore them all.

In a Reddit post on May 26, one player pitched a new game mode called ‘Roulette’ to the devs, which puts a twist on Call of Duty’s popular Gun Game mode.

“Plenty of FPS games have a ‘gun game’ game mode, Roulette will be just that, with one major difference. Instead of the player getting assigned a random gun, they are assigned a random agent,” they suggested.

The player presented the idea of a Team Deathmatch mode with standard rules. However, with the twist that you get assigned a random agent after every death.

Another option they proposed is a mode similar to the already existing Swiftplay, but players are assigned a random agent every new round.

an image of skye, raze, and iso

In the replies to the thread, the community showed support for the idea. “I would really like to have a random agent mode for once instead of the random gun ones, sounds really fun to me,” one replied. “I honestly would love to play this,” another player added.

One pointed out that the mode could be practical in helping new players understand all the agents, explaining they still haven’t had the chance to test them all after playing for over a year.

“I think it’s cool and also a fantastic way to learn agents and how they play for new and even experienced players. I’ve played for over a year and still haven’t played every agent,” they said.

While Riot often take a slew of community suggestions on board, we’ll just have to wait and see if the devs listen to this idea.