Nadeshot shocked after surprise ‘family reunion’ in a Valorant match

Nadshot in Valorant screenshotRiot Games

100 Thieves founder Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag was shocked to find a cousin of his during a Valorant match but the wholesome reunion turned sour after the truth about the streamer’s skill came to light. 

Nadeshot’s recent run on Valorant has been quite impressive. While he’s among the elite talent in console gaming history, he has also been proving more and more that he’s no slouch with the mouse and keys either.

That’s why it was so shocking that he reconnected with a family member out of the blue in the middle of an Immortal RR ranked match, especially since this ‘lost’ relative had yet another secret for the streamer.

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Nadeshot’s unexpected family reunion

nadeshot full cam in Twitch stream with Valorant logo in cornerTwitch: Nadeshot/Riot Games
Nadeshot was trying to play a regular game of Valorant but came away with an unexpected wholesome experience.

Things got off to a weird start for Haag when a random person in his Ranked lobby made an announcement: “Nadeshot, you’re my cousin…”

Of course, he didn’t believe it right away. After all, he’s one of gaming’s most notable figures, and this kind of banal prank wouldn’t be the first time he’s been duped.

But the situation became much more real when the kid on the other end began to name specifics about their family.

That’s all it took for Nade to put it together. The two carried on a nice conversation until the topic turned to skill and the cousin revealed that he is higher ranked than the retired pro.

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“Now I’m feeling self-conscious, I didn’t know we had gamers in the family like that… kick rocks bro,” Nadeshot joked.

Haag continued to play on in disbelief, eventually coming right out about how this new discovery blew his mind: “I’m not even the best Valorant player in my g****mn family? When the f**k did that happen?”

While it was definitely a bit of a shock to discover in the middle of what’s supposed to be an intense gaming session, at least the 100T boss knows where to look if there are any openings on his organization’s Valorant roster in the future

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