Valorant devs exploring new cosmetics like gloves, but not Agent skins

Riot Games

Currently, the only in-game customization for Valorant is weapon skins. However, Riot are open to adding more cosmetics like glove skins if players want them ⁠— but they’re drawing the line at altering Agents for competitive integrity.

The customization options in Valorant are slowly growing. Every few weeks there’s a new skin collection to pick up, and then there’s all the profile options as well with player cards.

However, that doesn’t stop players from wanting more. There’s always new elements to customize, and players are willing to fork out on it.

Riot Games
Riot have floated the idea of adding CSGO-style glove cosmetics to Valorant.

The Valorant skin model is very much drawing on CS:GO. The Valve-developed FPS title only had a limited range of cosmetics for weapons on release. However, these were expanded to gloves, and eventually the Agents themselves, years later.

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Valorant looks to be on the same trajectory ⁠— for gloves at least. They’re arguably the most valuable skin type to have, just because of how they’re visible throughout the round. Riot wants to put these extra touches in, but they’re still a ways off.

“They take a lot of time and effort even to just consider all the options, variables and ways of executing,” developer Sean ‘oniram177’ Marino said. “What we have now is what we’re capable of doing at the moment, and in the future we’ll be looking into what else we can do.”

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“Executing on them requires a ton of strategy work and a ton of testing. The last thing we want is to deliver on something so desired by players, only for it to fall short of what players want ⁠— or worse, ruin the competitive integrity of the game,” added Lea ‘aeneia’ Hughes.

This last reason is exactly why the Valorant devs are looking into gloves and other non-consequential cosmetics, and not the intrusive Agent skins.


Completely remodelling how a character looks is not on the cards, as like CS:GO, it can affect the integrity of the game.

“A lot of players are really anxious about Agent skins impacting gameplay and competitive integrity, which is a very valid concern that we share,” developer Dexter Yu explained back in August.

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While you can expect more customization to come in Valorant Episode 2 and beyond, you might not see a League x Valorant skin crossover anytime soon ⁠— at least for Agents.