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Riot reveals old Valorant battle pass content may return in the future

Published: 12/Dec/2020 0:15

by Andrew Amos


Missed out on getting Tier 50 on one Valorant battle pass? Maybe you weren’t playing the game back in Episode 1 Act 1? Well, Riot are considering bringing back old battle pass content in the future for players who missed out ⁠— but don’t hold your breath.

Every Act in Valorant marks the release of a new Agent, a host of balance changes, and a limited-time battle pass. These battle passes, and what’s in them, disappear after a couple of months when the next Act arrives.

They’re chock full of content, including skins, player cards, sprays, and more. They also serve as a window to look into who the next release may be ⁠— Tier 48 in each battle pass has been the teaser for every Agent since Valorant launched.


Valorant Act 3 Battle Pass
Riot Games
If you missed a Valorant battle pass, you’re currently out of luck.

However, you might have not been playing in Episode 1 Act 2 and missed the Polyfox skins. Maybe you’re a collector and want to go back to the start and get everything. There’s currently no way to get those items anymore.

This has led to a chorus of players asking Riot to add some way to add this exclusive battle pass content into the game. It’d have to come at a cost ⁠— after all, Riot prices the battle pass at 1000 VP to get access to it in the first place ⁠— but players are willing to shell out.

It’s up to Riot to make the next move, but they’re a bit hesitant. “We don’t currently have plans to bring back Battle Pass content as we want to respect the players who grinded for it during the window it was available,” developer Miles ‘Usury’ Metzger told players.


That doesn’t mean the door is closed though. Riot are open to changing their own tact down the line. They want to keep the exclusivity of these skins locked up for the players who spent time early grinding in the coming years.

“We may look to re-evaluate this if there is enough player interest and enough time has passed that we don’t make those players feel invalidated,” Metzger added.


While players shouldn’t expect a sudden turnaround on old battle pass content popping up in the rotating shop or your Night.Market, there’s hope.

If you only picked up Valorant after its release, you could catch up content-wise down the line.