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Riot “want” to make Valorant Agent skins but have one major concern

Published: 30/Aug/2020 18:45 Updated: 30/Aug/2020 19:02

by Andy Williams


Riot have revealed their ambition to add Valorant Agent skins at some point in the future, providing that they can overcome one key hurdle.

Agent skins have to be up there as one of the most requested Valorant features to-date. Of course, there are a plethora of community requested features that Riot may be keen to explore.

We spoke with Valorant’s development team regarding the future of Valorant’s cosmetics, on everything from potential future collaborations to skin lore… And it appears that giving the characters a fresh lick of paint is something that is definitely on Riot’s radar.

When asked about Agent skins, Valorant Senior Producer, Dexter Yu, explained that they’re something Riot are looking into implementing, providing that they don’t have a negative impact on competitive integrity.

Valorant players shooting on Split.
Riot Games
Competitive integrity is at the forefront of Riot’s priorities when it comes to Valorant.

Agent skins in Valorant?

“We know Agent skins are something players have asked for and we want to make them, but we are doing our due diligence in figuring out the best way to execute them,” Yu explained.

“On one hand, you have people who really want them in our game. On the other hand, you also have a lot of players who are really anxious about Agent skins impacting gameplay and competitive integrity, which is a very valid concern that we share.”

Of course, there have been numerous instances in games where character reskins have an adverse effect on player hitboxes, which would be a huge no-no in Valorant.

superzaropp (Reddit)
Respawn notoriously released this Pathfinder skin, which affected the character’s hitbox.

It’s no surprise, then, that Riot are looking to strike the perfect balance between giving players a fresh look on their favorite Agents, while ensuring that there is no negative impact on gameplay.

Players shouldn’t get their hopes up on seeing Agent skins in Future Earth anytime soon, though, since Riot are heavily invested in striking the perfect balance, and appear to still be in the planning stage of the process.


All Agent buffs and nerfs in Valorant update 1.11: Killjoy, Breach and Cypher

Published: 27/Oct/2020 17:33

by Lauren Bergin


While Skye is clearly the most exciting aspect of the new Valorant 1.11 update, let’s not forget the other agents who have received some attention this patch. 

Patch 1.11 has seen a wealth of updates to the Valorant world but the game’s newest agent, Skye, has certainly managed to steal the limelight from her fellow agents. Hailing from Australia and taking the concept of eco warrior to a whole new level, Skye is certainly something to be excited about.

Yet there a lot of other things to be excited (and slightly disappointed) over regarding the game’s newest patch. S-Tier character Cypher has seen some game-changing nerfs that may possibly end his current reign of terror, and there’s been a bit more balance introduced to stabilize Killjoy and Breach.

So yes, get excited about Skye but spare a thought to some of our favorite Sentinels and Infiltrators. Check out the full patch notes for all of the information regarding some of our favorite agents.

Breach's abilities in Valorant.
Riot Games / Dexerto
Breach is one of the three Agents to receive significant adjustments.

Agent Changes:



The main change to the Infiltrator class comes in the form of changes to Breach. The increase in his Full Flash time from 1.75 – 2 makes him a slightly less dominant force, but he still remains one of the game’s most powerful agents.

  • Breach: Full flash time increased from 1.75 >>> 2

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It’s the Sentinel class, however, that’s seen the biggest amount of adjustment this time around. This was to be expected, considering Killjoy was earning a bit of a reputation for being overpowered. The main changes taking place are to her turret, which as less cooldown but a now deactivate when she moves out with a 40m radius of the tiny bundles of bullet infested joy.

This also applies to her Alarmbot, which has seen significant buffs. The cooldown of the Alarmbot after pickup has been reduced from 20 seconds to 7, with the radius at which they are detected being decreased from 9m to 7m.

A final change has been made to her Nanoswarm, whose detection range has been decreased from 5m to 3.5m but the damage has been buffed from 40/s to 45/s. The damage also ticks much more smoothly, ending the burst damage that the Nanoswarm does and simplifying how it does damage.

Deactivation Range

  • Alarmbot and Turret now deactivate if she is more than 40m away from them—reentering the 40m range reactivates her little friends.


  • Cooldown after pickup reduced from 20 seconds >>> 10 seconds


  • Range at which Nanoswarm can be detected decreased from 5m >>> 3.5m
  • Damage increased from 40/s >>> 45/s
  • Damage now ticks smoother and faster while in Nanoswarm, instead of in chunks of 10 every ¼ of a second


  • Range at which Alarmbot can be detected decreased from 9m >>> 7m
  • Cooldown after pickup reduced from 20 seconds >>> 7 seconds.

    Killjoy Valorant
    Riot Games
    Killyjoy, Valorant’s most recent addition, has received a lot of attention this patch.


The other agent who has seen quite significant nerfs is Cypher, whose Trapwire and Spy Cameras are now visible and destroyed after the agent is killed. This ends his reign of silent terror, allowing the other agents to tread a little heavier – but not too heavy, after all.

  • Trapwire – disabled and revealed upon death.
  • Spy Cameras – disabled and revealed upon death.

So while Skye is a particularly exciting new addition to the Valorant agent roster, this collection of buffs and nerfs could see the game’s meta start to change. It’ll be exciting to watch how the meta changes around Skye and changes to adapt to these new buffs and nerfs, and this is made even more exciting by the imminent esports scene. Strap in, it’s going to be wild.