Valorant devs confirm Chamber nerf coming as agent dominates meta

Shay Robson
Chamber with floating rifle in Valorant

Valorant devs have confirmed that Chamber nerfs are coming soon as the French agent continues to absolutely dominate the meta.

The Valorant meta tends to be always changing with every update. However, one agent has been at the top for quite some time now. If you didn’t know already, we’re talking about Chamber.

As it seems, the Valorant pros just can’t get enough of the aggressive Sentinel, with a current pick rate of 80% so far at Masters: Copenhagen according to Run It Back.

Now, the devs have confirmed that long-overdue changes to the agent are on the way.

Chamber standing adjusting tie in Valorant
Chamber isn’t an agent for the feint-hearted: You have to back your aim.

Valorant devs confirm Chamber nerfs on the way

A thread on the Valorant competitive subreddit on July 16 noted Chamber’s insane pick rate of 80% at Masters: Copenhagen. With one agent having so much importance, players began to question why Riot is still waiting to balance the agent.

“I understand not wanting to disrupt pro-play with massive agent changes, but how hard would it have been to increase Chamber ult to 8 points,” said one. “It has the ability to turn the tide of any round, eco or full-buy.”

“Knowing riot we’ll probably go at least 3 patches with no changes to him because they still think the original nerf actually did anything to him,” another added, which prompted a response from the devs themselves.

Valorant game designer ‘Penguin‘, responded by confirming nerfs to Chamber will be coming soon. In a follow up reply, the dev clarified that they wouldn’t be looking to entirely “destroy” the agent.

“To be clear balance changes are very much still coming soon,” the dev said.

Currently, it’s unknown when players should be expecting the changes, but given that Valorant Champions kicks off in a little over a month, it’s likely to be before then.