Top 5 Agent picks so far at Valorant Copenhagen Masters

Alan Bernal
valorant masters fade breach

The VCT Masters Copenhagen 2022 has displayed some of the best Valorant gameplay around, and teams have found clear favorites when it comes to Agent picks. Here’s the top five Valorant picks at Masters.

While the meta is always evolving, Valorant pros have eased into their comps and have found what’s working on the latest patch. As the competition hits to the peak of playoffs, it looks like there are clear favorites when it comes to setting up a comp.

Only five characters in the entire Agent pool have a 40% pick rate or above and options quickly fall off shortly after those.

Some of these faces aren’t a surprise at all, but seeing one character far outpace the rest is a clear sign of who is leading the current Valorant Masters meta.

Chamber in Valorant
Chamber has been running the tables at Valorant Masters Copenhagen.

After day three of the playoffs and about a week of Masters games in Denmark, teams have pretty much made Chamber a must-pick for most maps.

Of the 70 comps analyzed by, Chamber found himself out of only 15. He has a pick rate of 80%, according to Run It Back, and he’s quite a bit away from the second on the list, Raze.

Top 5 Agents at Masters Copenhagen:

  1. Chamber (80%)
  2. Raze (51.43%)
  3. Fade (47.14%)
  4. KAY/O (40%)
  5. Breach (40%)

It seems as though players just can’t get enough of Chamber’s playmaking and defense by using his Tour De Force in tandem with Rendezvous to quickly reposition.

Valorant smoke specialists like Viper, Breach, and Omen find themselves just outside of the top five, with teams switching out the picks depending on the map.

There’s still quite a bit of Valorant to play at Masters and it’s likely Chamber will continue to have a strong presence as teams embark on the final stretch to the finals.