Three incredible Valorant weapon skin bundles & images leaked

Bill Cooney

[jwplayer 91I9RIGm]Valorant players have been slowly filling out their libraries of weapon skins since release, and now images of a few new awesome-looking collections have slowly started to show up.

Dataminers have also stayed busy since Valorant came out, and they’ve given us first looks at the BlastX collection, and more images of the Toy/Arcade and Drips/Asgard sets, all of which are unfortunately still unavailable.

First and foremost, we’ll look at the brand-new BlastX set, which definitely seems to be inspired by Buzz Lightyear from Disney’s Toy Story franchise.

It looks like we’ll be getting skins for the Phantom, Frenzy, Spectre, and melee weapon for this collection, but so far only a detailed look at the Phantom is available.

It seems as though Riot plans on turning the Phantom into a Buzz Lightyear-themed NERF gun.

There are other images of the Frenzy and Spectre that have been turned up, but these are super low resolution. With the Phantom example though, we can get a sense of what the skins will eventually look like with a little imagination.

If you squint, you can definitely see what Riot is going for here.

Files have also been found indicating the BlastX line will also include a melee weapon skin, but sadly, no images or blurry half-images have been dug up for that just yet.

Next, we’ve known about the Drips set and the Toy collection for some time, but now much higher resolution images of the upcoming sets have been discovered for most of the skins that will be included.

The Asgard and Arcade collections will offer two very different styles for players to choose from.

The Arcade/Toy collection looks like the type of weapons you would use for an old school Nintendo or, appropriately enough, from those light shooter games you could find in arcades.

Drip/Asgard is sure to satisfy every player’s appetite for a nice, gilded skin, including those of us who came from Overwatch and miss using our golden guns.

Unfortunately, there’s no word as to exactly when these three new collections will come out, but we would expect to see the Drip/Asgard and Toy/Arcade sets released before BlastX, since more assets are currently available for those two.

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