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Game-breaking Valorant exploit lets Reyna phase under Haven map

Published: 30/Jun/2020 21:05 Updated: 1/Jul/2020 1:59

by Alan Bernal


June 30 Update (6:00pm PT): Haven has been disabled in Competitive queues while Riot works on a fix for the exploit. It’s expected Haven will be re-enabled after 24 hours.

“We were made aware of an exploit on Haven and disabled it in the competitive queue while we ship a fix overnight. It’ll come back into the rotation as soon as we’re confident it’s fixed,” devs said on Twitter.

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An exploit in Valorant has been discovered that lets Reyna phase under Haven’s large metal platform to plant the spike and wallbang nearby opponents without a reasonable counter.


The hard-carry Agent has an ability kit that contains all she needs to hunt down every member of the opposing side. One of those tools is called “Dismiss,” which lets the Duelist become ‘intangible’ after absorbing a soul orb.

But user ‘TwaiseReddit’ showed how this ability can lend itself to a strange interaction on Haven where Reyna can use Dismiss to get under the map near the C site.

It’s a straightforward exploit where all she has to do is use her E (Dismiss) near the obstruction and she can crouch her way in there. After doing that, she can plant the spike in a position where the other team can’t reach, shoot from inside a spot where she can’t be seen, or take refuge in a place where no one can readily see her.


{EXPLOIT} Game-Breaking Reyna Exploit on HAVEN from VALORANT


In the clip above, the player was able to veer away from Sage’s crosshair by safely hiding in the platform until an ally could work on a flank. This is one of the various strategies that could be used with something like this, from setting up bomb sites to taking untradeable fights.

An interaction like this wouldn’t be an intended mechanic that Riot Games would want for Reyna. In fact, her kit has seen similar problems like this in Valorant before.

People have found that Dismiss can also lead to the Agent being stuck inside other player’s character models. That glitch is basically at play here as well, but instead of it being a detriment, it could be a streamlined way of securing a round for someone using it as a focal point of their game plan.


Riot Games
Reyna can Dismiss under the C site platform in Valorant.

The existence of this exploit on Haven has made others wonder if the same could be done in other maps, like on the secondary metal container on Bind’s B site, but nothing has come of that just yet.

In the meantime, the Valorant community is expecting Riot Games to come in with a fix or at least address the problem so that Reyna players don’t abuse the exploit in games.