Tarik dethrones official VCT LOCK//IN stream with Valorant watch party

Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

Valorant streaming giant Tarik has overthrown the official VCT LOCK//IN stream, gaining more viewers and hours viewed for the tournament.

The content king has long been Valorant’s most watched streamer, his watch parties a gathering place for casual and hardcore Valorant fans to enjoy VCT matches. And the king has just dethroned Valorant’s official stream. 

The VCT LOCK//IN tournament is only half way done, with the Alpha bracket just wrapping up. Resulting in DRX and LOUD in the semifinals. And it has already broken records.

The deciding match between LOUD and NRG for a semifinals spot reached 879,849 viewers, making it the sixth-highest peak viewership in Valorant matches. And much of the viewers came from tarik’s stream. 

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According to Esports Charts, viewers generally preferred to tune into Tarik’s streams. In the first leg of the tournament, he had more hours watched than any other channel streaming the event, beating out Valorant’s own Twitch stream. 

Accumulating a total of 2.8 million hours watched, and reached a peak of 161,600 viewers while the official Valorant stream’s peak viewer was 106,700 viewers with 2.4 million hours watched. That’s a difference of over 50,000 viewers. Tarik cementing himself as Valorant’s number one stream for the time being as VCT LOCK//IN goes on. 

As of now, the omega bracket is about to begin, and NA giants Sentinels will face off the EU superteam, Fnatic. The match is a repeat of Masters Reykjavik 2021 grand finals where Sentinels took home the trophy, and now both teams face off with completely different rosters. 

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That match was Valorant’s third most viewed match, and it’s expected to be just as big as the previous LOCK//IN matches. You can read our coverage of the tournament here.