Sykkuno stunned by new Valorant lobster spray inspired by him

. 1 year ago
Riot Games, Twitter: Valkyrae

After Riot Games introduced a Valorant spray dedicated to Sykkuno’s iconic “Lobster?” clip the streaming sensation has reacted, and he’s pretty ecstatic. 

Streaming icon Sykkuno has produced a thousand clippable moments, but none more so than the “lobster” moment from one of his Valorant streams.

While flexing his FPS muscles on Ascent, the streamer pointed to a bizzare looking graffiti animal spray painted on the B-site wall whilst claiming it was a lobster.

Despite being mocked by his teammates, it turns out that Riot Games appreciated his mistake so much that they’ve added a spray dedicated to the moment in the Valorant Episode 2, Act 3 Battlepass, and he loves it.

Sykkuno Valorant Spray
Riot Games
While the official assets call this spray “dog,” we all know it’s a lobster.

Sykkuno reacts to Valorant spray

We knew it wouldn’t be long before the fan favorite streamer reacted to his commemorative Valorant spray, and it’s clear he’s absolutely over the moon.

After noticing the spray for the first time he’s pretty speechless. “Wait. Wait a minute. Wait guys, I used to call this… Why did they call this a lobster? Is this because of me?”

Continuing to stutter he recalls “I said that as a meme a while ago but I didn’t know… No way they did it because of me guys, there’s no way. Someone else must have called it a lobster, I can’t be the only one.”

“Really? They actually did it for me. That is actually super cool! I did not know they would do that, that’s the coolest thing ever! Well I’ve got to buy the Battlepass now, they got me guys.”

Even though it’s just a small gesture, Sykkuno is clearly overwhelmed by the fact that he’s managed to make a permanent mark on Future Earth.

While it may not be in the form of super sick plays or insane mechanics, he’ll be forever remembered in Valorant history as the guy who thought a dog was a lobster.

We’re sure he wouldn’t have it any other way.

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