Valorant adds new item dedicated to classic Sykkuno Twitch clip

Sykkuno on ValorantSykkuno / Riot Games

Riot Games have added a new cosmetic item to Valorant for Episode 2’s Act 3, and it’s dedicated to a random stream moment from Twitch streamer Sykkuno.

It’s no secret that Sykkuno is a favorite of Valorant’s executive producer, Anna Donlon, who said Sykkuno and his friends “are a new favorite crew to watch stream VAL after a stressful day at work. They make me smile and laugh. They teach me stuff. It’s delightful, honestly.”

Donlon tweeted this just a couple days after a now-infamous clip where Sykkuno spotted a strange-looking creature sprayed on a wall, and called it a “lobster”.

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Tinakitten immediately mocked him for his lack of knowledge about the shape of lobsters, but the name stuck.

Clearly, the name also stuck with devs over at Riot, who added a brand new spray in the lobster’s honor.

Players can now get the “Lobster?” spray for themselves, ready to be used anywhere on the map. The question mark in the name also matches the clip title of the moment.

There will no doubt be some Valorant players who have no idea what this spray is, or why it is called ‘Lobster?’, but that just makes it even better.

Having said all this, Sykkuno himself hasn’t actually been playing a lot of Valorant at all lately, and so he himself might not have any idea about his new spray.

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With the new Valorant update and map going live on April 27, we might see Sykkuno and his crew jumping back in to try out all the new content, and his fans will surely let him know all about his new spray.