Summit1g explains why Valorant’s April 21 patch is so good

Andy Williams
Summit1g explains why Valorant's April 21 patch is "really good"

Twitch star Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar has given his two cents on why Valorant’s April 21 is “really good” as he delved into the changes that Riot made to both Sage and Raze with Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins. 

A hot topic of discussion during Valorant’s closed beta has been Raze’s somewhat “overpowered” ability set, with her Signature Ability (Paint Shells) and Ultimate (Showstopper) being the crux of most people’s complaints.

Although as part of Valorant’s April 21 patch, Raze received a considerable nerf which saw the number of her Paint Shells reduced from two to one, with an added kill reset — meaning players need to get two kills before earning another.

Valorant's Raze.
Raze’s nerf also affected her in-game quips, which are now easier to hear for others on the server.

It wasn’t just Raze who received some work, as Sage’s Slow Orb was also tweaked to ensure that players can no longer ‘bunny hop’ through the slowed area, in exchange for there being no audio cue when moving in the slow.

It was Sage’s Patch 0.47 adjustment that was the topic of conversation for Summit and Ninja, during their April 21 livestream.

After Ninja initially explained that you could no longer traverse through Sage’s slow, Summit chimed in by stating that “the no bunny hop is a good trade for it not making any noise.”

After touching on Riot’s sage improvement, the pair went on to discuss the change to Raze and the potential impact on the meta.

“You can only get one grenade now on Raze,” Blevins said. Summit replied by expanding on Ninja’s point, expressing that “she can get them back with two kills, like Phoenix – so she’s basically just got toned down to what the other Agents were like.”

Of course, Raze is still a devastating Agent, primarily due to her ability to wipe-out multiple enemies with her rocket launching Ultimate.

There’s no denying that both Sage and Raze are in a league of their own in the current meta, however, as they both stand head and shoulders above the rest of Valorant’s Agents in our rankings.

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