Shroud wants to see Valorant copy one famous CSGO map in Episode 2

Alex Tsiaoussidis
Shroud wants to see Valorant copy one famous CSGO map in Episode 2

Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek claims that if he could take one map from Counter-Strike and have Riot Games re-create in Valorant Episode 2, there’s a clear-cut favorite that would work “great.”

Despite being a former CSGO pro, Shroud has been open about how much he loves Valorant.

He had initial concerns about whether it had the potential to become as big as its predecessor. But after becoming increasingly frustrated with the rampant cheating in CSGO, he made the switch to Valorant and hasn’t looked back.

Since then, he’s praised the game for having incredible maps and even taking a leaf out of CSGO’s book regarding strategy. And now, he’s on the verge of returning to competitive action in the Valorant Champions Tour open qualifier.

Shroud Valorant Stream Sniper Rage
Shroud’s love for Valorant has convinced him to step back into the competitive scene.

In a recent stream, another streamer asked Shroud, “If you could take one map from Counter-Strike and throw it in Valorant, what would it be?”

It didn’t take him long to have an answer in mind. “Mirage. That’d be cool,” he said. “I feel like Mirage was a good map, and I feel like it’d work in the game. It’s like you could copy-paste it. It’d probably work great.”

As for how it would play out, Shroud said he could imagine players just “spamming halls” with an Odin and believes it would be a “great idea” to re-create the map – if it were possible.

Of course, the chances of seeing the map re-created officially in a rival game are practically non-existent. However, there’s no harm in entertaining the thought.

Plus, Riot Games could always create something similar but different enough to stand on its own two legs.

Either way, Shroud’s obsession with the game and its competitive scene is a huge win for its community. Fans can’t wait to see the former Cloud9 superstar in action in the Valorant open qualifier, which kicks off on July 22.