Shroud blasts CSGO’s cheating problems as the reason he’d rather play Valorant

Julian Young
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While talking with fans on Twitch, shroud revealed that the rampant cheating in CSGO has turned the game into “garbage” and convinced him to spend his time playing Valorant instead.

Dealing with cheaters is an issue every competitive title must grapple with to ensure the integrity of the game. For many, CSGO and Valorant are the best FPS experiences available and have substantial player populations, which also means they have been forced to deal with their fair share of cheating issues.

Whether they are hacking in the game’s ranked playlist, or even during professional matches, cheaters will often completely ruin the experience for legit players. While hacking can be largely avoided in more professional settings, content creators often run into cheaters on a daily basis.

Known as one of the best FPS players of all time, Michael “shroud” Grzesiek has faced off against plenty of hackers while streaming and competing professionally. On February 6, the content creator explained to his fans on Twitch how cheating issues in CSGO convinced him to play Valorant instead.

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Shroud explained to his fans how cheating issues have pushed him away from CSGO and convinced him to play more Valorant.

During the stream, someone from his Twitch chat commented that he should play CSGO instead of Valorant. Shroud noticed the user’s message and immediately laughed, then sarcastically joked in response: “That’s good, that’s funny.”

“I’d love to play CSGO if it was f**king good,” Grzesiek responded. He went on to explain why he now prefers Valorant over Counter-Strike, saying that the Riot Games’ title is extremely accessible and players can dive right in without having to worry about facing cheaters.

“You jump in, you play, you’re confident . . . [you] have a good time,” the creator explained. Shroud also confirmed that Valorant’s anti-cheat system makes sure the in-game experience isn’t ruined by hackers, and explained that “at least you know you’re not gonna get f**king cheated.”

“Every single time you play CS, you’re trying to casually jump into matchmaking [and you get] aimbot, spinbot . . . wallhacks. They got it all dude, teleporting around and s**t,” Grzesiek shared with his fans, listing out several of the hacks players might encounter during their time in Counter-Strike.

The clip ended with shroud referring to CSGO as “f**king garbage.” And, it appears the streamer is not alone is his criticisms of the cheating issues that continue to harm the player experience, as many viewers in his chat also blasted the game, calling it “dead” and “s**t.”

CSGO has been plagued by hackers in both the casual and competitive settings for years, and it appears shroud is the latest player to switch over to Valorant where he can take advantage of Riot’s robust anti-cheat system that helps to keep the game largely free of cheaters.

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