Shroud explains how KAY/O brings CSGO strategy to Valorant

Luke Edwards
Valorant Agent KAY/O imposed on a Dust 2 background, with shroud streaming.

FPS expert and Twitch streamer Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has waxed lyrical about new Agent KAY/O, and explained how the Initiator’s flash mechanic will open the door to more CSGO-style strategies in Valorant.

While he would probably count Valorant as his current main game, shroud made his name as a CSGO pro and streamer. As a result, he knows a thing or two about both games.

Since making the switch to Riot’s tactical shooter, he has brought his CSGO knowledge into his analysis of Valorant, especially when critiquing important FPS mechanics such as aiming, as well as the game’s general accessibility to new players.

And with the introduction of new Agent KAY/O, who naturally forces players to focus on gunplay, along with Episode 3 bringing reduced reliance on abilities, shroud explained how KAY/O’s flashes in particular open up new strategies for teams to use.

KAY/O is the latest agent to join the field in Valorant.

While experimenting with Valorant’s new Initiator in a custom game on Bind, shroud explained how KAY/O’s flashes open up the potential for CSGO-style initiations.

“The flashes are the best part, because if a teammate’s sitting here (in hookah) for example, and they want to peak market, you can just do this,” shroud said, as he threw a flash directly from B site onto B short, which would open an opportunity for a teammate to peek.

This kind of long-range play would not be available to other flash-based agents, such as Breach or Phoenix, who have to be up close and personal to use flashes.

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“That’s like Counter-Strike sh*t,” he added. “I feel like that’s what he’s gonna be used for most.”

Shroud also believes KAY/O was made mostly with ranked in mind, as his versatility lends solo players more agency than more situational Agents like Astra.

“I think he’s got such a well-rounded kit that you’ll probably see him more,” he explained. “Like when Astra came out in ranked, nobody played her. She’s amazing, but nobody played her in ranked because she’s just too much.”

Shroud has already explained why KAY/O is a good addition to the game in general, but it’s interesting to hear a more specific analysis of his capabilities.

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