Shroud exposes game-breaking Valorant ‘wallhack’ glitch showing enemy locations

Lauren Bergin
Valorant shroud Yoru Glitch Bug

Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek’s return to Valorant has been a pretty wild ride, and now the ex-CSGO pro turned Twitch sensation has uncovered a game-breaking glitch that shows the enemy’s position on the map. 

During his latest Valorant stream on February 9, Twitch legend shroud uncovered a glitch that shows the movement of enemy players on the minimap.

This isn’t the first time that the ex CS:GO pro has has this happen to him either, as he refers to “the bug” with a degree of familiarity.

It’s this that makes the bug so devastating, because if it’s happening a lot to shroud, how many others is it happening to?

Cypher Valorant
This unfortunate Cypher player just got out Cyphered.

Shroud finds ‘wallhack’ Valorant bug

While shroud is exploring Haven as Yoru, it turns out that he manages to not only rip holes in the fabric of reality, but in the virtual world of Future Earth.

“I’ve got the bug, I see him,” shroud exclaims, as he proceeds to call out every step that the enemy Cypher makes to his audience, who watch in awe as his predictions play out right before their eyes.

It appears that, for some reason, shroud is able to see all of the enemy players on the map, despite not playing an Agent whose utility allows for this.

While this leads to a hilarious victory for shroud and his teammates, it’s pretty clear that this glitch is a pretty nasty one to have to deal with.

Is this a new bug?

Shroud clarifies that “that bug happens to me all the time… He never left my radar.” Clarifying that he can see the enemy on the mini-map, he explains that “it’s happened since this new update,” implying that the issue is with Patch 2.02.

The positive is that, considering his popularity, thousands of Valorant fans are now aware of the issue and can bring it to the attention of Riot.

The negative is, however, that until a fix is implemented you might be getting wall banged or stalked without knowing until it’s far too late.

Either way, Patch 2.03 will have to make some form of adjustment to make sure that not every Agent can basically be Cypher. After all, we can’t have our favorite Moroccan feeling left out, can we?

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