Insane Valorant bug lets players defend from the depths of Abyss

Declan Mclaughlin
Abyss in Valorant

The new Valorant map, Abyss, has been live in Valorant for less than three days and players have already discovered a bug that lets them live after falling off the side.

Riot Games released the new map in June 11’s patch 8.11. Like many new things introduced to a massive player base, people are already finding some crazy bugs that allow them to get to restricted areas.

Abyss is unique in the Valorant map pool as it is the first battlefield where players can fall off the side and die. The map is similar to Counter-Strike’s Vertigo, where there are multiple skill jump shots that players can master to get around enemies.

However, players have found a bug that lets them cheat the new mechanic and live after falling off the edge of the map.

The bug relies on players using Phoenix’s Ultimate to avoid dying from a fall on the A site. If players time the ability’s activation right before he hits the ground — something that would normally kill him — they can walk around the bottom of the map and shoot enemies “from hell.”

Players can also use this bug in post-plant situations, as the area they can walk around at the bottom has a clear sightline of the spike on the bridge part.

Abyss has some clear issues that Riot needs to address, and this is just one of the many bugs players have found in the few hours since the map’s arrival.

So far, the Valorant developer has been quiet on these bugs. However, Riot is usually quick to stamp out unwanted changes or glitches, especially when they’re shared on social media.

As such, players should expect Riot to either roll out a quick patch soon or address these exploits in the next patch cycle.