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Myth confuses everyone with bizarre keybinds for Valorant and Fortnite

Published: 29/Mar/2021 7:29

by Brad Norton


TSM’s Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani left just about everyone confused on March 28, as the popular Twitch streamer shared a video on his PC keybinds. Here’s how — and perhaps more importantly, why — he has such a unique setup.

With millions of followers across social media, Myth has long been one of the biggest gaming personalities online. From his time in the Fortnite scene to more recent success in Valorant’s first year, he’s earned his spot among the Top 10 streamers on Twitch.

But while the popular figure has been able to hold his own for a number of years, his playstyle is among the most bizarre we’ve ever seen. With his custom keybinds on PC, Myth hasn’t just tweaked a handful of inputs, his entire setup is unique.


From his abilities to the basic movement keys, nothing is as you might expect. Here’s how Myth’s setup confused everyone online, along with the origins behind his unique keybinds.

TSM Myth’s unusual keybinds

Starting out his explanation on Twitter, Myth outlined how his pinky finger is on the Caps Lock more often than not. In Valorant, shift-walking is essential to keep your footsteps silent. Myth does this by holding the Caps key down instead.

Rather than tapping the Ctrl key to crouch, Myth opts for the Shift key. Establishing a trend, he then revealed his directional movement keys. 

‘2QW3’ is Myth’s ‘WASD’ equivalent. As a result, essentially all other inputs are positioned further up the keyboard.


‘4’ is his key to reload, rather than the standard ‘R’ key. Meanwhile, to swap weapons, he reaches his hand to the very top of the keyboard, tapping the Function keys.

Why does Myth use these unconventional keybinds?

With fans and fellow Twitch streamers alike left confused by his video, Myth took the chance to follow up and explain why he plays with such a unique setup. 

“Back when I used to play Fortnite, I used to use WASD like a normal person,” he said. “I started realizing that hitting the ‘D’ key with my right index finger caused me a lot of pain so I decided to move it up.”


Instead of fully pressing down, this allowed his index finger to “extend more” and remain somewhat arched. 

“The problem that I reached after that, was that I started using my thumb for my ‘C’ and ‘V’ keys. That just immediately shifts your hand further up the keyboard,” which then led to more pain in his index finger, Myth explained. 

“After an eight-hour session, it would be crushed. So then I went up again to ‘2QW3’ and it’s been my home since.”

While it might come across as a bizarre setup at first, it seems like Myth’s only real option given his issues in the past.


Despite the confusion, it’s working out well enough for him in Valorant and Fortnite, so why fix it if it’s not broken?