Shroud claims Valorant is the number one FPS and CS2 is much “easier”

Shroud Valorant Counter-Strike 2Shroud / Twitch

Shroud believes Valorant is the “number one” first-person shooter game on the market right now, and that Counter-Strike 2 is much “easier” to play, ahead of CS2’s much anticipated full release.

Shroud started out as a pro player in CS:GO, where he competed for five years, before retiring to focus on streaming and YouTube.

However, he surprisingly returned to competing in 2022, when he joined the Sentinels Valorant team for a brief stint, before soon going back to being a content creator for his legion of fans.

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The FPS legend, widely considered one of the best players of all time, has often compared the two games.

He previously said that Valorant was much easier than Counter-Strike, although, he says this is not the case anymore.

Shroud claims CS2 is “easier” than Valorant

Shroud said multiple times during a Twitch stream that he believes Valorant is now the best FPS title and that Counter-Strike 2 is “100%” an “easier” game.

“That’s the funniest thing you’ve said,” his friend replies.

“I’m telling you, you guys just don’t understand. If s1mple goes to Valorant he can’t compete”, Shroud went on to say – although this last comment was certainly tongue-in-cheek.

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The two FPS titles have been direct competitors since Riot Games launched their Counter-Strike equivalent, and they have been increasingly compared as the full release of CS2 looks to be imminent.

This became even more a hot topic amongst the FPS community, due to Valve’s large CS2 beta update revealing even more stark similarities.

s1mple himself has even slammed Counter-Strike 2’s likeness after saying that the new buy menu is more Valorant than CS2.

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