Riot bans #1 ranked EU Valorant pro Nisay for cheating in ranked matches

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Riot Games have banned Valorant pro Yasin ‘Nisay’ Gök after he was found cheating in ranked matches. Turkish club, Beşiktaş Esports, have dropped the former #1 Ranked EU player in light of the one-year ban.

  • Riot found Nisay of cheating in ranked matches
  • Beşiktaş Esports terminated Nisay’s contract
  • Nisay claims Riot ‘wronged’ him, is asking for evidence

Riot bans former #1 EU player Nisay

On February 4, Riot revealed the decision to ban Nisay for one year after they determined he was cheating in ranked matches. Nisay was at one time at the top of the EU leaderboard after 75 wins with a 771 rating.

In a translated tweet, Riot Turkey explained that the fraud protection team determined Nisay had cheated. He’s been banned from all Riot-sanctioned events for 12 months. The European Valorant Champions Tour starts February 4.

nisay valorant pro cheater banned vst
Riot Turkey’s translated tweet on Nisay ban.

Beşiktaş drops Nisay, refutes Riot bans

Following Riot’s decision, Beşiktaş Esports announced the immediate termination of the 23-year-old player, as he can no longer participate in the upcoming VCT Open Qualifiers.

The club would have to move quickly to pick up a fifth player for the upcoming Challengers 1 Stage.

Beşiktaş Esports nisay valorant ban pro champions tour
Beşiktaş Esports have dropped Nisay following Riot’s decision.

Riot has come under scrutiny in the past few months for not taking action against Nisay earlier. Evidently, he’s attracted community backlash for being suspected of cheating for a while.

Nisay claims he’s being wronged, saying Riot has yet to produce evidence for the fraud protection team’s decision.

“I’m not so stupid enough to cheat just because I am Radiant in a competitive match,” Nisay said in response to the ban. “When we asked them what 3rd party software etc. would you show us evidence, we are under community pressure, and they said they would not.  I personally think I have been wronged.”

“If they had actually detected that I was cheating, a permanent ban would have been applied.”

Nisay is requesting the company to provide details of his ban, what 3rd-party software was detected, and what cheat was used.

Riot has yet to respond to Nisay’s claims.

Beşiktaş Esports Valorant Roster

Tuğkan ‘tugkanZ’ Özgün
Burak ‘foiz’ Baz
Kaan ‘Brasco’ Elver
Ayberk ‘Viresse’ Serin

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