Secret Omen nerf in Valorant Episode 2 makes Shrouded Step worse

Brad Norton
Valorant Omen artwork

Omen was hit with some significant nerfs in Valorant’s Episode 2 update, though one key change to his Shrouded Step ability appears to have flown under the radar until now. However, Riot has confirmed the change is a glitch and will be reverted.

Valorant patch 2.00 shook things up in a number of ways. From the introduction of Yoru to some sizeable Brimstone buffs and plenty more. One of the key goals in this patch was to shake up the Controller role.

While Omen dominated much of Episode 1, two nerfs aimed to scale the Agent back. Paranoia’s cost was increased to 400 Creds while the speed of his Dark Cover ability was significantly decreased. However, players have since uncovered another change that wasn’t mentioned in the patch notes.

His Shrouded Step ability wasn’t addressed, though Omen mains might have already felt a difference in-game. It turns out his hitbox while teleporting has been increased without Riot making it public knowledge.

Valorant gameplay
Omen’s Shrouded Step hitbox was secretly made bigger in the Episode 2 update.

“They’ve officially nerfed every part of Omen,” Reddit user ‘F1re_Foxx’ said in a January 14 post. A simple graphic highlights the change in Omen’s hitbox as he casts the Shrouded Step ability.

Prior to the 2.00 update, this particular hitbox was quite slim. Omen would be able to get out of some tricky situations with a well-timed teleport. Even if there was incoming fire, enemies would need their shots to be on point to deal damage.

Following the latest patch, Omen mains might want to think twice before using the ability. The teleporting hitbox has almost doubled in size according to the post.

“You can clearly see that the hitbox for his teleport is much larger,” they explained. “Meaning that he can’t get out of situations as well.” 

Riot, however, has confirmed that the change isn’t intended. The hitbox nerf will be reverted shortly.

“This teleport change was not intended in our set of Omen nerfs, likely a result of a bug or something else that shipped in the patch. We’re talking about it,” developer Coleman ‘Altombre’ Palm confirmed.

The change will likely be reverted in either patch 2.01 or in a hotfix before then, so hang tight if you’re an Omen main.