Valorant’s next update could make Omen’s ultimate unstoppable

Eliana Bollati
an image of Omen holding Outlaw in Valorant

Valorant’s PBE Patch Notes for 8.07 include a big change to Omen and his ultimate which could arrive with the next official update.

Valorant has been testing features for the next update, 8.07, on the PBE servers since April 5. And, judging from the preliminary patch notes during testing, it’s looking like Omen could become an even stronger pick in the game’s current meta.

Valorant’s Agent 3, Omen, was part of the game’s original roster at launch. He’s seen plenty of changes over the years but has settled into a dominant role in the game’s current meta. This is mostly thanks to his ability to run circles around the enemy — quite literally.

The ability to teleport with his Shrouded Step, combined with an arsenal of smokes, and the capacity to blind enemy agents, make him one of the game’s most fearsome Controllers.

PBE Patch Notes hint at changes to Omen’s Ultimate in next update

The PBE Patch Notes for 8.07 state the following change for the agent; “Omen is now able to pick up the Spike and interact with other useables like doors while in the Shade form of From the Shadows (X) without having to cancel the ability.”

One of the playtesters offered some additional context as to how the change plays out in the game. Apparently, the spike will now be picked up as soon as Omen’s shade appears nearby. Players won’t have to cancel Omen’s Ultimate to pick it up and they’ll also be able to pick it up with the Use key.

Another important thing to note, players can only interact with usable items that won’t require them to drop their gun. So, the change won’t allow players to pick up orbs, perform a Rez on KAY/O, or plant/defuse the spike. Omen still can’t ride ziplines in shade form either.

Still, despite these limitations, the change will only improve Omen’s adaptability in-game. Valorant’s PBE test wraps up on April 8 at 11 am PT.

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