Sean Gares praises LOUD Valorant star aspas: “He’s like a tutorial”

Luís Mira
LOUD aspas

Streamer and content creator Sean Gares has explained what makes LOUD star Erick ‘aspas’ Santos one of the best Valorant players in the world.

aspas has established himself as one of Valorant’s best talents, playing a key role as LOUD rose to the top of the food chain in 2022 with their title-winning campaign at Valorant Champions in Istanbul.

The Brazilian are on course to become the first team to win back-to-back international titles after reaching the grand final of VCT LOCK//IN following a 3-2 victory against DRX on March 2.

During the first map of that five-game thriller, aspas wastes Jett’s Blade Storm ultimate ability during a flank attempt. While most players would immediately become frustrated, aspas remained composed and helped his team win the round with a well-placed Cloudburst covering him as he defused the Spike.

“This guy is like a f**king tutorial on how to play on a micro level,” Gares said. “His decisions are so goddamn good. He is flanking, he misses his blades. Most Jetts get kind of emo and will int at that moment.

“They’ll do something stupid as f**k, or they’ll overstay their welcome and they’ll wait and their team loses the round. This guy just shoots his knife through the wall and says, ‘Fk it, I’m out’, and he goes back and he has his Cloudburst to defuse the Spike.

“This guy is like the definition of never quitting. How is someone that good making plays like that?”

aspas, who has only played Jett at VCT LOCK//IN, is LOUD’s top performer in São Paulo with a 1.18 VLR rating. The Brazilian team will face the winner of the match between NAVI and Fnatic in Saturday’s grand final, which will start right after the new Agent reveal showmatch.