Riot responds after Pokimane says she’d “do anything” for her own Valorant weapon skin

Michael Gwilliam
Pokimane wants Valorant weapon skinTwitter/SesoHQ/Instagram/Pokimane

Riot has responded to a brilliant fan-made Pokimane Valorant weapon skin after the Twitch sensation said she would “do anything” for it to actually be added to the game.

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has really taken to Riot Games’ FPS Valorant, frequently playing it on stream – and now, an incredible Vandal skin designed in her honor has piqued her interest.

On April 29, 100 Thieves designer SesoHQ unveiled an incredible Pokimane-themed version of the Vandal, boasting her brand’s unmistakable bright purple, pink and white colors.

The weapon skin even features Pokimane’s signature on it as a nice little detail, plus some hearts, shapes and other objects that truly do a fantastic job of capturing the streamer’s style.

Needless to say, Pokimane was extremely impressed… so much so that she declared she’d do whatever it takes for it to actually be added to the game at some point.

“Oh my God, please!” she cried in a tweet, responding to the weapon skin. “I would do ANYTHING for this.”

The popular Twitch star even added the official Valorant Twitter account in her message, and it seems like the gaming juggernaut got the hint.

Aliana Miller, the head of Global Influencer Strategy at Riot, replied to the weapon skin with a simple yet eye-catching response.

“Noted…” she said, potentially teasing that an influencer crossover with Valorant could be in the cards.

Of course, Riot has been making an effort to better connect with players through in-game cosmetics, so this could bode well for a potential Pokimane weapon skin.

Most recently, Sykkuno was stunned when he discovered Valorant’s lobster spray was actually inspired by him. If sprays can be designed off major community figures and streamers, why not weapon skins too?

So far, nothing is confirmed, but with all the attention the wicked looking Pokimane Vandal skin has been getting, it could only be a matter of time before the Canadian Twitch superstar gets her wish and it’s available in-game.