Riot respond as Valorant code redemption site still broken for Pride & Duality cards

Valorant Redemption Site downRiot Games

When Riot Games announced that Valorant would be receiving some new cards, players everywhere have been battling the title’s failing redemption website in order to snag a Pride or Duality card.

If there’s one thing that gamers everywhere just love, it’s free loot. Valorant players are no exception, so when Riot Games announced that both the Pride Cards and limited edition Duality card could be redeemed for free, fans went wild.

The former pack of cosmetics sees your banner decked out in all of the colors of the rainbow, as well as specific cards for the different sexual identities. The latter was released to celebrate the newest cinematic chapter in Valorant’s lore, Duality.

Ever since the drops on May 31 and June 3 respectively, players have been fighting an uphill battle to try and get the website to work, and they’re pretty done with it.

Valorant Duality videoRiot Games
Valorant’s ‘Duality’ trailer left fans hyped… but maybe a little too hyped.

Valorant fans can’t access Valorant redemption site

When trying to claim either of the coveted cards, fans have been running into a whole slew of issues even trying to gain access to the site. With 522, 525 and 540 errors aplenty, most people aren’t even making it past the gatekeepers.

If you’re one of the lucky few that do, though, you’ll encounter the same issues yet again when you finally get to the sign in, and when you try and redeem your code. If you get lucky enough not to have any issues at all, you’ll probably be informed that you’ve maxed out your code, or that the website can’t process it.

For those fans who are looking to fly their Pride flag or flex the Duality card, the whole process has become pretty irritating. This is made even worse by Valorant continuing to release codes while the website is down.

While Riot tweeted out on June 3 that they are “working on a solution”, it appears that the new wave of demand for the Pride cards has knocked things out of whack once more.

A brief glance at the comments tells you everything you need to know. Greeted by a host of white screenshots showing a variety of errors, the website is far from operational at the time of writing.

One fan simply wrote “hum.. sadface” along with a screenshot of their attempt to access the site, epitomizing the feelings of users everywhere.

Another player stated that “everyone seems to be redeeming their codes but I can’t even get into the website.”

By far the most common tweet, though, is people encountering the “you’ve reached your maximum entries for this code” message, which is still letting some players redeem the code, while others end up fighting the system for no reward.

The devs have confirmed that they’re looking into why this is happening, though, so fingers crossed!

Whether Riot will choose to fix the site or create another pathway for collection is unclear, however they are working to resolve the issue soon.