Riot Games granting all Valorant players free Duality card

Valorant Duality CardRiot Games

The release of Valorant’s Duality card was shaky and, after trying to troubleshoot the problem, Riot Games will be shipping it to every player hassle-free.

Update June 7

Riot announced on June 7 they’re dropping the redemption process for the Duality player card. Issues with the process were starting to grow and frustrate since its launch, and now the studio is just issuing it to everyone.

The Duality player cards should be in everyone’s collection soon without having to insert any code.

Original story follows below

If there’s one thing that Valorant fans love, it’s snazzy new cosmetics to add to their inventory. From skins to gun buddies, sprays to cards, Riot Games’ flagship FPS has it all.

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With the title’s one-year anniversary on the horizon and rumors of a new Agent dropping into the Future Earth fray, the newest cinematic, Duality, has added fuel to the hype flames.

Releasing alongside the trailer is the new Duality Card, but it’s only available for a limited time. Here’s how to get yours.

Valorant Duality CardRiot Games
You can only pick up the Duality card for 48 hours, so make sure you’re quick!

Valorant Duality Code

In order to snag your Valorant Duality card, you’ll need to enter a specific code on That code is ‘YTILAUD,‘ which happens to be ‘Duality’ backwards.

Importantly, as there are millions of people scrambling to get the card, you’ll need to be patient as the website tries to cope with the demand.

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How to get the Valorant Duality card

In order to claim your card, there’s a couple of steps you’ll need to follow. While they’re pretty easy, there’s a little bit of waiting involved.

  1. Go to
    • As aforementioned, the site is incredibly busy. You may need to wait for 30 seconds for it to load.
    • If you encounter a “504 Gate-Way Time Out” error, refresh and wait.
  2. Select ‘Sign in with your Riot Account.’
    • If you receive the 504 error again, just close the error tab and click ‘sign in’ again.
  3. Enter the code ‘YTILAUD‘ when prompted (it does not matter that it isn’t 12 digits.)
    • Same story if that error appears: refresh and you’re sorted.
  4. Jump into Valorant.
  5. Go to “Collection,” then the ‘arsenal’ tab.
  6. Click on ‘Player Card’
  7. Your Duality card should be there and ready for you to equip.

While there is a lot of back and forth with errors due to the rush of users on the site, it’s worth it in the end!

Valorant DualityRiot Games
Valorant’s new Duality trailer sees Phoenix face off against an evil version of himself.

When do I need to claim the card by?

While the card was initially only available for 48 hours after the release of the Duality cinematic, issues with the website have led Riot to remove the time limit.

Writing that “We know a lot of you have been trying to claim your free Duality Player Card,” the devs are “working with our partners to stabilize the code redemption tool as we continue to experience a high volume of traffic.”

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Subsequently, they will be “removing the time limit and expiration on the code.”