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Riot Games planning Valorant rewards for dedicated players

Published: 7/Jun/2020 10:41

by Andy Williams


While there are a plethora of Valorant cosmetics available to purchase, there is currently nothing to mark ‘the grind’ in Future Earth — but according to one Riot dev, that will change.

Valorant’s unique take on a traditional Battle Pass system rewards players for ‘grinding’ through each Chapter until the final 50 tiers are complete.

Yet unless players opt for the Premium iteration, the rewards are few and far between. Meaning, as it stands, Valorant players can literally purchase almost everything available in-game — taking away from the prestige of grinding.

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Kingdom Melee knife in Valorant.
Riot Games
Players can grind through the Act 1 Battle Pass, but there’s nothing left to grind for beyond that.

This led one Redditor to argue that “there simply isn’t anything rewarding for skill or time spent” in-game as it currently stands.


Given that players have no specific level-cap to aim for, nor do they have weapon camos to grind for (akin to Call of Duty), the user contested that the “game needs content and exclusive features that [are] only accessible to those that are dedicated to the grind so they can feel rewarded for time spent.”

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Software engineer, ‘tehleach,’ responded to the concerns regarding a lack of rewards. “We’ve got a few different systems in mind to provide mastery/time investment expression in Valorant,” the Riot dev began. “They just unfortunately didn’t make it for launch.”


While the dev couldn’t go into the specifics of what these rewards would look like, it’s quite possible that Riot will look to rival games for some inspiration.

CS:GO currently offers a system which rewards players with distinct badges for progression through ranks, and is displayed in-game so people know your exact rank.

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As the developer stated, Apex Legends allow players to customize their player card with specific stats that say something about their achievements in-game.

So while there’s no telling exactly how Riot intends on acknowledging a specific skill level or time spent in Future Earth, players that are hungry to grind for a reward that they can boast in the server will be happy knowing that it’s on the horizon.