Valorant devs tease Deathmatch and more modes in development

Alan Bernal
Riot Games

Valorant’s Spike Rush has been a hit with fans but it’s just the first step in building an ecosystem of modes including a Deathmatch-type playlist in the future.

The devs have been getting community requests to implement less demanding ways to queue up where people can be active in the action for longer than the “plant-and-defend-the-Spike gameplay” the title currently touts.

Spike Rush, the game’s first supplemental game type, is a lite version of the default way of playing. Typically a normal match in Valorant would last anywhere from 25 to 50 minutes, whereas Spike Rush is meant to contain the action to a cozy eight to 12 minutes.

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“We like to dream that Valorant has unlimited potential for additional gameplay modes and expansion in the future,” producer and product lead for game modes, Jared Berbach, said. “Our desire is to create modes for all types of players, needs, mindsets, and moods.”

In keeping with that goal, there’s going to be a constantly evolving “Modes ecosystem.” Some of them will be permanent fixtures in Valorant, others will be “time-limited modes that can get a little wacky.”

Riot Games
Riot are exploring new modes for Valorant.

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While FPS players are familiar with the general rules of typical Deathmatch, it could look a little different by the time it comes to the tactical shooter.

“We’re already hearing our beta audience clamor pretty loudly for a Deathmatch style mode,” the developers said. “The desire for a game type that translates heavily to warming up, fragging out, gun skill, and shooting at “live targets” to improve your aim resonates with us both as competitors and as developers.”

Riot doesn’t have a set launch date for this mode at the moment. The studio is still building “some of the necessary technology” that would allow for it to be integrated into Valorant.

Riot Games
The Riot devs are going to develop more playlists for Valorant to foster its Modes ecosystem.

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But the devs aren’t shying away from letting their fan base know Spike Rush is just the first of many future modes they are currently prototyping.

Riot’s decision-making for Valorant has been influenced by player feedback and they’ll be looking to their community once again as they develop and implement new modes for the game.